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7. 11. 2013 | press release | Living through war leads to in-group solidarity


What are the impacts of war experiences on human psychology? Association for Psychological Science issued a press release that summarizes results of the research project from Georgia and Sierra Leone which were accepted for publication in the highest ranked empirical journal in psychology - Psychological Science. See more details about the project here: http://www.gapiresearch.org/en/projects/33

12. 7. 2013 | magazine | Children of parents with low education are more selfish, spiteful and stingier


Julie Chytilová talks with the Charles University newsletter Forum about her research in Georgia and in Sierra Leone. She explains why is studying of social preferences important and she also presents her research examining differences in social preferences among children by the socio-economic status of their parents. Julie also mentions GAPI in the interview.

29. 4. 2013 | interview | Why do some children behave as spiteful egoists?


Julie Chytilová explains in an interview the practical issues with experimental and behavioral research in the field and what practical conclusions we can make out of the results of economic experiments.

20. 2. 2013 | lecture | Attention discrimination - theory and field experiments


Vojtěch Bartos presented his and his coauthors' theory of "attention discrimination" on the Conference on equality and non-discrimination organized by the Ombudsman in Brno, Czech Republic. Vojtěch talks about how different level of attention is paid to information provided by members of different ethnic groups and how this translates to unequal treatment of minorities in hiring processes or when looking for a rental apartment. (Vojtěch's talk starts at 10:05)

8. 8. 2012 | radio | Interview in Radio 1 about the research in behavioral and experimental economics


Michal Bauer introduces behavioral and experimental economics, showing that economics is not just about GDP and inflation. Michal talks about his research on microcredit from India, effects of wars from Gruzie and Sierra Leone, reintegration of child soldiers in Uganda and preferences of Czech children. The radio show is in Czech only, the accompanying text also.


2. 8. 2012 | magazine | Article about Michal Bauer within the edition on young and successful Czechs


Michal Bauer talks about behavioral and experimental economics and how they can help in answering questions about poverty and development. Michal also describes how he got interested in doing research and why he thinks that development economics can very well be done from Prague. The article is in Czech only.

7. 6. 2012 | radio | Interview in Radio Czech about the research on microcredit in India


Julie Chytilová and Michal Bauer talk about poor Indian women who are able to reflect their lack of self-control, which prevents them from saving larger sums of money. Instead of poorly functioning saving tools available to them, they use microcredit as tool that makes themselves tie their hands and allows them, actually, to save. The radio show is in Czech only, the accompanying text also.


26. 3. 2012 | radio | Readings from the book “Children from Lugasa” on Czech Radio


Five dramatic readings from the book “Children from Lugasa” by Michal Bauer and Julie Chytilová on Czech Radio. How much did Michal have to pay for Julie? How can Czech people survive in all the snow? Why do people in Uganda have so many children? Why no one in Uganda seems to thinks about future? There were many questions answered and asked by Michal and Julie during their five months of teaching in Uganda. Available in Czech only.

16. 2. 2012 | lecture | Lecture on the effect of war on social preferences at the United Nations University, Maastricht


Michal Bauer gives a lecture to students of United Nations University about his and his coauthors’ research from Georgia and Sierra Leone studying effect of war on social preferences of children affected by a conflict and the persistence of such effect into their adulthood.

8. 11. 2011 | award | Julie Chytilová is granted the Neuron prize of the Karel Janeček Foundation for young researchers


Julie Chytilová wins the Neuron prize of the Karel Janeček Foundation (NFKJ) for young researchers up to 40 years of age. Available in Czech only.

4. 10. 2011 | magazine | Magazine article on behavior of people in developing countries


Michal Bauer’s research is featured in an article summarizing the work of young researchers at CERGE-EI. The results from Uganda on how education makes people more patient and the projects from Georgia and Sierra Leone on the effects of war experience on social behavior are presented. The article is in Czech only.

29. 8. 2011 | television | Interview on CT24 about the use of experimental economics in developing countries


Interview with Michal Bauer on the use of experimental economics in developing countries at 53:20. Michal talks about the role of microcredit in developing countries and about reintegration of former child soldiers in Uganda. Available in Czech only.

20. 11. 2010 | lecture | Lecture about the next generation of microcredit at TEDxPrague, Czech Republic


Michal Bauer talks about innovations for the next generation of microcredit based on his and his coauthors’ research from India. The video is in Czech only, no subtitles are available.

31. 12. 2006 | book | The book “Children from Lugasa” by Michal Bauer and Julie Chytilová


Life in Uganda from the perspective of two young economists from Prague. Michal and Julie write in an entertaining way about their daily experience of teaching in Lugasa. They also describe their impression of what the causes of poverty are and how to improve the situation, emphasizing the role of education. Available in Czech only.

10. 12. 2006 | award | Michal Bauer wins the Young Economist award by the Czech Economic Association


Michal Bauer wins the 1st prize of the Czech Economic Association for the article "Does Education Matter in Patience Formation? Evidence from Ugandan Villages". Available in Czech only.

31. 10. 2006 | magazine | A teacher in Uganda


Michal Bauer and Julie Chytilová write about their 5 months of teaching in Uganda. How many wifes do men usually have? Is having 18 children enough? Why the smartest girls are the ones with the shortest hair? Find the answers in the article. Available in Czech only.

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