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Slovakia: Microsavings (ongoing)

Can Deadlines and Reminders Help the Poor to Save?

Can commitment features of a saving product increase the savings? To answer this question, Julie Chytilová and Tomáš Želinský use experimental methods to study financial behavior of very poor clients of a micro-saving product in Eastern Slovakia. Randomly generated groups of clients either have or have not a monthly deadline on their saving deposits, and are or are not reminded to save. The study also allows to test whether these features of a saving product help especially those people who face self-discipline problems. The findings can be useful for designing suitable saving products for the poor.

Julie Chytilová / Charles University
Tomáš Želinský / Technical University of Košice and Charles University

where: Slovakia
sample size: 400-500 poor adults (mostly Roma)
when: June 2012 – December 2012

We would like to thank for supporting this project:

ETP SlovakiaGAUK

Related literature

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