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Uganda: Motivation and education (ongoing)

Does comparison with others affect student’s aspirations, performance and stress? Evidence from Uganda

The question how to motivate students to improve their academic performance has been in place for decades, not only in developed but also in developing countries. Should we motivate students with financial or non-financial rewards? Or is it enough to rely on their competitiveness and curiosity? Dagmara Katreniakova studies responses to different types of motivations and feedback aimed to increase performance among several thousands students in villages of Uganda. Students are repeatedly examined over one academic year and many outcomes such as performance, stress and aspirations are studied. The findings should contribute to vivid discussion regarding the usefulness of different motivation tools in education.

Dagmara Katreniaková / CERGE-EI

where: Uganda
sample size: 6500 students of primary and secondary schools
when: August 2011 – December 2012

We would like to thank for supporting this project:

GAUKGlobal Development NetworkČeská katolická charita

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