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Uganda: Trust and child soldiers (ongoing)

Trust and re-integration of former child soldiers in Northern Uganda: An experimental approach

In many civil wars rebel groups abduct youth and force them to take part in combat, often against their own communities. Are former child-soldiers “socially damaged” with little hope for reintegration? Or do they feel guilty and make special effort to gain back trust? Do other people mistrust them? With the aim to answer these questions, Michal Bauer, Ian Levely and Nathan Fiala designed a set of experiments and surveys implemented among villagers in Northern Uganda. These experiments may shed light on whether those abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army in the past are less trustworthy and whether they are viewed differently from their peers by others. The findings of this research may help to understand challenges of re-integration of child soldiers, which is a pre-requisite for a stable development of post-conflict societies.

Michal Bauer / Charles University and CERGE-EI
Nathan Fiala / The German Economic Institute
Ian Levely / Charles University

where: Uganda
sample size: 761 villagers
when: July-August 2011

We would like to thank for supporting this project:


Related literature

- Blattman C. (2009): From Violence to Voting: War and political participation in Uganda. American Political Science Review.

- Blattman C. & Miguel E. (2011) Civil war. Journal of Economic Literature.


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